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An Amsterdam Fun in the Mediterranean

You will never forget your holiday in our hotel with the fun moments you will experience.

Nights & Partys

Animation: On certain days of the week, Concept Pier Parties, Professional Show Groups, Day Parties, Day Activities, Disco, After Show Parties

Parties: The White Party is held on Mondays and the Red Party on Thursdays. (Clothing selection in concept parties should be suitable for the party.)


At night, when the moon is shining and the stars are dancing, while the warmth of the sun warms you, our guests will have fun at the peaks in our magnificent pier located above the sea with the nature integrated with the blue of the sea.

With a wide variety of parties such as White Party, Red Party, Tulum Party, Avant-garde Party, Galactic Party, Orange Conty Kemer +18 will be hosting you in a different world and in a magnificent atmosphere.

Incredible visual shows of dancers and light games await our guests with a fascinating and exciting atmosphere as the night moves with DJs.

Daytime & parties

After a group lesson that will keep you healthy and fit even on vacation,

You can revive your day with various pool and pier parties throughout the day, as well as water sports.

Or you can enjoy the sunny weather of Antalya and the private beach of our hotel.

It is known for its dance bands and music, where everyone can find a suitable option and dance excitedly. You will never forget your holiday in our hotel with the fun moments you will experience.

Every day, you will be fascinated by professional performance groups, acrobats from all over the world, and spectacular circus performances. Experience the fun at its peak at night with our wild parties on special themes.

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